Cycle of apples

Cycle of apples (work in progress, 2019) دورة التفاح

في جزيرة لا تسكنها إلا النساء ، تصادق فتاة كبشا. عندما تخشى أن يفرقهما الموت، تسعى للحصول على تفاحة الحياة الأبدية.

In an island inhabited only by women, a young girl forms a friendship with a ram. Fearing that death will keep them apart, she seeks the apple of eternal life.


نساء عالقات في أدوار فرضت عليهن بسبب أسطورة التفاحة: من فاكهة محرمة تعد بالحياة الأبدية، إلى سم أعطته ساحرة لإهلاك سنووايت

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The film stars: Samar Al-Bayat, Lula HajRwand BahaaRawan Alkhadhra, Zamzam, Fahad Al-Ghamdi.

Update 2019-04-14: We are currently in the production (filming \ editing phase) of a 15 min version of the above video. We expect to finish in the Summer of 2019. The 1 minute test version was featured on #TIFFxInstagram on July 12, 2018.

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Maha Al-Saati (@elosnest)’s brilliant EAT ME: CYCLE OF APPLES is a fable of women’s suffering, inspired by Eve’s “forbidden apple” in the Garden of Eden, and Snow White. Filmed in Saudi Arabia, it could be set anywhere in the world today, with its urgent and all-too-timely message about the cycle of abuse against women — best viewed on a loop for full effect. 🍎 “I aspire to keep on truly exploring what it means to be a female in the changing landscape of Saudi Arabia.” 📽 Keep voting (by liking ❤️) for your favourite #TIFFxInstagram shorts from now til July 18 to help crown the Audience Award winner. . . . . #shortfilm #filmfestival #director #editor #cinematographer #digitalshort #saudiarabia #womeninfilm #femalefilmmakers #womensrights #gardenofeden #apple

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Director and Producer: Maha Al-Saati, Co-Producer: Khalid Fahad,  Cinematography: Arulsakthi Sankar Jayaprathaban; Assistant Director: Monerah Saidan. AC/Gaffer/2nd unit DP: Emad Al-Garni (imograf), AC/Gaffer: Hasan Alsawad, Fatima Alobaidan. Art Director: Ali Al-Haddad. Art Design: Aziz Twaijri, Randa Awadh. Art Assistance: Mohammad Al-Hemel. Sound: Nezar Alshwaikhaat, Ahmed Alabdulmohsen. Production Manager: Hassan Albarraqi. SFX: Asem Almoshrea. Makeup Art: Fatmah Algaffas. Screenplay: Maha, Khalid Fahad, Yazeed Bader, Film Idea: Khalid Fahad. Script revisions: Faysal Alshehail. Equipment Provision: Hamad Al-Ateeq (Quality Media). Location Provisions: Mohsen Alabdulmohsen, Jafar Aljaroody & his father. Supporting actors: Zamzam, Randa Awadh, Amal Al-Thaqafi, Anna Luisa, Andrea Garrison, Shahad Khalid, Wadha AlKhalid. Casting assistance: Emad Al-Garni (imograf).

Special Thanks: Abdulaziz AlKhalid, Faisal Al-Zidan, Mohammad Abdulaziz.


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