about me

Well, it’s about time I wrote a little paragraph about myself here, beyond the formal me. I consider myself an independent artist and experimental filmmaker interested in video, visual storytelling, interactive narrative, and adventure games. That’s a loadful, but I dabble in each of these areas one at a time. I once used to identify as an architect, but life takes us in strange directions. The takeaway from my architectural background is my interest in spatial experiences, and how these experiences are shaped in moving images. Research-wise, I study the influence of religion and culture in popular media of the Arabian Gulf, and the ways women of the region express themselves visually- mainly through narrative film. To recap my educational background:

Ph.D. in Interactive Arts and Technology (2013), Simon Fraser University (SFU), Surrey, BC, Canada. Thesis Title: “The Architectural Image: Space, Movement and Myth“. PhD thesis: <abstract – low quality (72 dpi) thesis – high quality (300 dpi) thesis>

Diploma in Documentary Filmmaking (2013), Pull Focus Film School, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Master of Architecture (2006). King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. Thesis Title: “Open Duplex House: An Application of the Open Building System to the Duplex Houses in Saudi Arabia“.

Bachelor of Interior Architecture (2003). King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia.