student motion graphics

Below are some of my students’ animation projects whom I am proud of, produced in courses I taught with other instructors, including: Moving Image studio (in the terms 2015, 2018, 2019), Multimedia (2015/2017/2018), Sequential art & Visual Narrative (2014)

2018/2019 1st term Design Studio

Diaries of a Saudi Female Driver (2018) by Batool Bukhamseen is a sarcastic take on the frustrations of driving as a woman among unruly, seasoned drivers in Saudi.

Black Henbane (2018) by Hussa Al-Qahtani dispels the myths of incubus, by making us relive the experience of sleep paralysis. <vid>

Loujain Alibraheem explores the feeling of intellectual isolation in her poetic short: Wholeness (2018). <vid>

A fabricated equation or (2018)? Malak Alhassan’s love for math makes intensive use of numbers to convince you to donate blood to save lives. <vid>

Asma Alhajri provides “Magical tips for a healthy life” (2018). <vid>


Blue Gold (2018) by Dhay Almindeel imagines a future without water. < vid >

Khatoon Alawani’s “Germaphobia” (2018) narrates the story of a child overprotected by his germaphobic mother.<vid>

Farga3a (2018) by Samah Alhamdan dispels the myth that cracking your nuckles will cause harm. It’s only gasses we hear popping. <vid>

Zainab Aldawood’s “Brain Stroke” (2018) explores the early signs of an ischemic stroke.

Celiac Disease (2018) is Anhar Alharthi’s take from a young girl’s perspective.

Too Much Meat (2018) is Laila Bukhmseen explores the health problems of meat and alternatives.

Eithar Al-Aali’s ADHD (2018) video tells the story of a 40 year old’s experience of ADHD.

Reem Al-Otaibi’s traffic safety (2018) is a PSA advising us on wrong habits of drivers.

“Are you ready?” (2018) by Alkawthar Alshams imagines a future where water in our planet disappears. <vid>


2014/2015 2nd term Design Studio

“Humanity’s intelligence” (2015) – By Dina Al-Ghamdi دينا الغامدي


“Which came first: The chicken or the egg?” Motion Graphics (2015) – By Lojain Almubarak لجين المبارك


“Wonder-filled” Motion graphics (2015) – Shaden Garzai شادن القرزعي


“To the woman who loved me before i was born : Dear Mom” Motion Graphics (2015) By Sara Alhashimi سارة الهاشمي


“The Cosby Show: How mothers deliver a baby” Motion Graphics (2015)

By Huda Alessi هدى العيسي


“Imagine: Education” Motion Graphics (2015)

By Asia Al-Juraifani


Art and Expectation – Amal Al-Zahrani


“William Butler Yeats’ When You Are Old” – Kinetic Typography (2014)
By Suad Al-Doailij سعاد الدعيلج


“4 of the 12 principles of animation” (2014)
By Suad Al-Doailij سعاد الدعيلج











“Rocky’s speech” (2014) Alanood Alshahrani